KnCMiner Launches a New Cloud Mining Service for Customers


KnCMiner Launches Cloud Mining

A leading seller of complete upgradable modular ASIC mining devices, KnCMiner has unveiled a new cloud mining service for customers wherein it offers six-month long contracts out of its Arctic Bitcoin mine. Launching the service called ‘KnC Cloud’ on 2nd September; the company informs that it will leverage its existing data center space in northern Sweden.

According to a source from the company the so-called Clear Sky mine boasts more than 7 petahashes per second in estimated mining power and brings benefits from the cheap cooling and local renewable energy sources afforded by the Arctic Circle. These geographical advantages have led many companies in the Bitcoin mining space to look to the Arctic.

Talking to media professionals Nanok Bie, director of marketing and public relations at KnCMiner said that the launch reflects a demographic shift taking place among the Bitcoin community. According to him, with more miners opting to outsource their hashing power rather than operate home-built mining rigs, this option is expected to become popular.

In his brief statement to media he said that the organization is launching cloud services because of shifts in the market and demand from would-be customers. He added that home mining is becoming more and more difficult because of energy costs and several other issues; however, with mining in the cloud there are some obvious advantages.

Comprehensive Advantages from Cloud Mining Services

According to him, with the new Cloud Mining service his organization is helping those who can source green electricity cheaper for instance, and have other bulk advantages. The company says that there are several advantages from ‘polar night, midnight sun location; for instance, it’s stable & secure operations and guarded and monitored 24/7.

KnCMiner elaborates that here customers fixed packages with industry-leading pricing and there are no hidden fees, no fuss i.e. no set-up fees, no maintenance fees, no pool fees, no electricity or energy tax fees. Also, the price the company markets is the price the customers pay. Thus, with several advantages, the company realizes that it would be able to sell it a lot.

Currently, the KnC Cloud service has three different packages between 1 and 3 TH/s, with the cost averaging between $1.99 per GH/s to $1.79 per GH/s, respectively and according to the company representative the hosting costs account for any mining-related fees and reflect the actual price of the service.

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