KnCMiner Launches Litecoin Mining Rigs, Sells 200 Units within 24 Hours


KnCMiner Launches Litecoin Mining Rigs, Sells 200 Units within 24 Hours – Having garnered enormous approbations for their groundbreaking Bitcoin mining equipment, KnCMiner is now expected to make more waves among the Litecoin community. The Sweden-based company has announced the launch of Titan – its first Scrypt mining rig that can efficiently mine Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Though priced at a whopping $9,995, Titan ensures to outgrow its competitions with its impeccable features. As per the description available at KnCMiner’s official website, this Litecoin mining rig offers a minimum of 100 MH/s of performance. The company has further ensured to increase the performance alongside with the development progressions.

Quite astonishingly, KnCMiner has received over $2 million worth of Titan’s orders within four hours its launch. The company will start delivering the product in second or third quarter of 2014.


The brand KnCMiner can be trusted if one try to scale its Neptune Bitcoin Mining Rigs that were massively sold in December, even making a revenue of over $8 million within just 24 hours. The same can be said by the company’s Litecoin and Dogecoin mining rigs which are made specifically by keeping the miner’s rising demands in mind.

“The Scrypt mining market has grown over the last 6 months and we have been watching it very closely. The time is now right for the launch of our new offering,” the company’s website mentioned.

As the popularity of Litecoin and Dogecoin surges further, the rise in demands of Scrypt based mining rigs are inevitable.

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