KnCMiner AB Releases their Flagship Bitcoin ASIC Mining Machine Jupiter


KnCMiner AB Releases their Flagship Bitcoin ASIC Mining machine Jupiter

According to the company sources the ‘KnC Jupiter Bitcoin Mining Rig,’ the flagship Bitcoin miner providing hassle free hashing, is now available for November shipping. KnCMiner AB says that the machine permits users to mine for Bitcoins at a greater efficiency than anything else on the market for the foreseeable future.

KnCMiner AB gained a wide recognition earlier for its the world’s first 28nm Bitcoin miner which is believed to be the world’s fastest 28nm concept to silicon ever made. Now the company has come up with the first public outing of their flagship Bitcoin ASIC Mining machine called Jupiter which was designed by Sweden’s ORSoC engineers.

The company sources claim that Bitcoin ASIC Mining machine Jupiter will offer the industry’s leading performance and power consumption per Gigahash (Gh). In a press release the company claimed that the monster 576Gh/s KnCMiner Jupiter device, the most powerful Bitcoin miner ever made, is now available for anyone to purchase.

In the announcement the company claims that the latest offer from it comes with several rich features. For instance, it is embedded Custom Beaglebone Linux device that allows standalone Jupiter Bitcoin mining. Consuming <1.4 W/Gh/s. at the wall, this device will require a modular PCI Express ATX power supply.

Thus, utilizing the smallest semiconductor die shrink available and at 1w/Gh/s at the wall, Jupiter according to the company is one of the most energy efficient Bitcoin mining devices available around the world. The company is inviting customers for the machine’s November delivery. Customers need to pay just $ 4,995.00 for the machine to get it delivered to their address.


Saturn, Their another Product too Available for November Shipping

KnCMiner AB also sells ‘Saturn’ which provides an innovative, and cost effective upgradable modular system for future purchases of incremental hashrate increases. The machine is available for November delivery for customers at $ 2,995.00.

The company source says that with it customers can expand their Saturn miner to a Jupiter miner without the need for further additional controller boards or casing. A major advantage with this product is that as it has less weight it, coming with lower shipping costs.

KnCMiner AB which has carved a niche for its proven extreme performance crypto-currency products e.g. Bitcoin ASICs and PCB board, is one of the world’s fastest growing companies. Now it also provides a competitive Bitcoin hosting service for remote Bitcoin miner hosting within secure, cost effective facilities.

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