KCG Announces Trading Results for June, ITG Releases Liquidity Estimation App


KCG Announces Trading Results for June, ITG Releases Liquidity Estimation AppKCG Holdings Inc. published trade volumes for the month of June on Tuesday.In terms of market making, KCG posted an average of $23.5 billion in transaction volumes, which is 8.2 billion shares and 3.4 million transactions per day in US stocks, a notable decline from the volumes recorded in May.

The company recorded $0.6 billion more, totalling $24.1 billion, singling out KCG as one of the few companies that posted poor results contrary to its peers in the institutional and retail electronic trading who posted higher transaction volumes in June.

KCG BondPoint on average stood at $129.4 million daily in fixed income par value, much lower than May’s reading of $130.7 million daily. In June as a whole, the consolidated U.S. stock volume on average stood at $227.3 billion and 5.8 billion stocks traded each day.


In the meantime, leading research and execution brokerage ITG launched its ITG FX Trading Cost Index Application on Tuesday. The app, which is targeted at portfolio managers and forex traders, is updated on a daily basis. The ITG FX Trading Cost Index approximates the cost of liquidity for twenty currency pairs, considering the notional trade value and the intended trading time.

“The ITG FX Trading Cost Index Application is the first of its kind in the foreign exchange space, leveraging the power of ITG’s industry-leading FX transaction cost database,” Ian Domowitz, ITG Managing Director and Head of Analytics, said in a press release. “The app is a free and easily accessible reference tool for investors who want to quickly check estimated FX trading costs.”

The index will also provide users with dealer and ECN estimates using historical costs and smoothened out for implied volatility and recent trends in costs. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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