KarpelesCoin: New Cryptocurrency Launched to Rescue Mt. Gox Customers


Karpelescoin: New Cryptocurrency Launched to Recover Mt. Gox Customers Losses

ForexMinute.com – Amid all the high-profile news regarding Mt. Gox, one had almost forgotten the customers who lost their hard-earned money within a glimpse, and since then are subjected to continuous mental harassment due to pending repayment. The law, like always, is taking its time, before the ongoing investigation unveils more facts about the whole incident. Meanwhile, there have been nothing done to ensure a stable recovery of people’s money, but until now.

Enters Karpelescoin, a cryptocurrency which has launched for being distributed among the affected Mt. Gox customers, so as to help them recover their lost money. It might sound quite ironic to some, the way its creators has named it after the Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles – a man who has been already proven guilty in the eyes of people for stealing their money. The smart satire genuinely reflects the unshakable aims of Karpelescoin which, as per I personally think, is to instill a hope inside the mistreated Mt. Gox customers’ minds that they will soon own Mark Karpeles’ assets and finances, symbolically indeed.


And the coin’s objective also indicates the same. On their website, Karpelescoin’s creators speak of a fund rehabilitation that will commence on June 1st this year, in which “up to 9,500,000 KARPELES for at least 744,408 BTC LOST BY MTGOX will be refunded.” The customers liable for a refund will be decided on stronger evidence, court proofs, forensic data, block chain, and any other evidence that proves their loss during the Mt. Gox scam.

The current stated value of 10 KARPELES equals 1 BITCOIN. Wallets for different operating systems are available to download.

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