Karmacoin Wants to “Send Vladimir Putin to Disney World”


Karmacoin Wants to “Send Vladimir Putin to Disney World”

ForexMinute.com – Bitcoin’s code has indeed fostered a whole army of cryptocurrencies, with each one of them trying to advertise their unique traits and aims. At first, we met Litecoin whose agenda was to prove itself as the next-best cryptocurrency. Few cryptocurrencies later, we came before Dogecoin which refused to take itself seriously but soon became the most “serious” contender in the digital currency race. Then came Auroracoin, Spaincoin that were running on their nation-only features; and now trending is the local cryptocurrencies that are issued by governments themselves.

Amidst the inflow and extinction of many coins, there are also many who are trying to make their way in by contributing in humanitarian acts. Karmacoin, a small currency with a big “digital” heart, is one such altcoin which carries Bitcoin’s code in its veins but seems like a wannabe Dogecoin; with a twist though.


The coin wants to be known as a medium to share kindness and to promote positive behavior. Unlike any other coin out there, Karmacoin can be send as donations in small amounts in a short span of time with practically no transaction fees.

Focusing on the same, Karmacoin.me earlier raised a decent sum to help a Girl Scout recovering their lost money. After its success, the community initiated yet another fundraiser yesterday, but this time with a much bigger aim.

Hysterically dubbed as “Send Vladimir Putin to Disney World”, the fundraised aims to benefit 400 orphans with food and education, and alongside wants to repair US-Russian relationships. The best thing however is the decent response this fundraising event received, and raised around $2,500 within just 24 hours.

We believe that Karmacoin was able to catch the public’s attention as they were not constrained to send a double, triple or quadruple digit amount this time. Many people got involved with their little but valuable contributions and made “Send Vladimir Putin to Disney World” a success in itself.

“If another method had been used, such as PayPal or credit cards, or even Bitcoin, the overhead costs would have meant that these low-value transactions could not have taken place,” said Tony Sorel, Karmacoin.me’s Director.

We are sincerely waiting for the Karmacoin’s next announcement. Meanwhile, let’s see if Mr. Putin is free for a holiday or not.

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