Karma Getting Forked to X11 Algorithm



ForexMinute.com – Karma, formerly known as Karmacoin, has recently been announced to be forked to X11 algorithm. As per the information available on the cryptocurrency’s official website, it will be forked at block 255,000. Based on the current calculations, Karma might reach the aforementioned block by July 31st this year.


The new algorithm is currently being tested by none other than Hiro – the developer of Hirocoin who previously has successfully implemented the same X11 algorithm on Darkcoin. His involvement in the project is further ensuring the community of a successful fork. The website reads:

“Hiro has gone the extra mile with rigorous tests to fully ensure our smooth transition during the hard fork and has spent a lot of time in leaving no room for weak spots in our security features. Karma team would like to extend their gratitude to this outstanding developer who has such a noteworthy portfolio which contributed to the rise of Darkcoin. His cooperation with Karma is extremely valued.”

Following the news of Karma fork, its market cap has soared to over $80k. Also, its price has surged 7.5% in last 24 hours. This is surely due to an extreme optimism derived from the aforementioned announcement.

Customers meanwhile are required to upgrade their Karma wallet to a new available version. For more information, they can also check the Karma’s official social pages.

To contact the reporter of the story: Yashu Gola at yashu@forexminute.com

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