Judge Rubbishes Ross Ulbricht Defense


Judge Rubbishes Ross Ulbricht Defense

ForexMinute.com – Already going through a severe time in court, Ross Ulbricht faced yet another blow on the face. The “alleged” Silk Road official, via his defense, recently argued about the unethical methods used by the FBI to sack him out of nowhere. Not only they hacked into Ulbricht’s private servers, they did it without receiving proper warrants.

What first seemed like a loophole in the FBI protocol turned out to be a brownie when Judge Katherine Forrest downrightly dismissed the accusation, and shelled Ulbricht’s defense for missing a very crucial point – how Ulbricht can file for privacy rights violations when he himself hasn’t confessed he owns the server?

“Defendant has…brought what he must certainly understand is a fatally deficient motion to suppress [evidence],” she remarked. “He has failed to take the one step he needed to take to allow the Court to consider his substantive claims regarding the investigation: he has failed to submit anything establishing that he has a personal privacy interest in the Icelandic server or any of the other items imaged and/or searched and/or seized.”

Mr. Ross Ulbricht, in the pre-trial sessions, dismissed the claims that termed him as the co-founder of the online drug marketplace Silk Road. He was under oath. Turning down his own statement would seriously jeopardize this whole trial. Judge Forrest blamed him for missing out a chance to prove his innocence, “yet he has chosen not to do so.”

In the meantime, authorities have also found some inconsistencies in the ways FBI sacked the Icelandic server, supposedly owned by Ulbricht. This would surely put some of their officials on the stand, not that they will face any serious conviction for ditching a standard protocol. It is eventually Mr. Ulbricht whose stand has weakened before the court, and the masses that were supporting him.

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