Judge Overturns Fracking Ban by Voters in a Colorado City


Judge Overturns Fracking Ban by Voters in a Colorado CityA Boulder District Court judge overturned a ban on fracking passed by voters in Lafayette, Colorado in November. The lawsuit had been filed by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association against Lafayette.

“The Court finds the Charter Amendment banning drilling is invalid as preempted by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Act,” ruled Mallard. “Accordingly, the Court grants summary judgment in favor of COGA and against the City of Lafayette.”

Mallard also reversed a similar ban approved by voters in 2012 in Longmont City. However, Longmont City Council unanimously voted on Tuesday to appeal the ruling, which is headed to the Colorado Court of Appeals.

Moreover, earlier in August, Larimer District Judge Gregory Lammons reversed a five-year fracking ban by Fort Collins. The three rulings mark COGA’s run of successful lawsuits seeking reversal of fracking bans, reported the Daily Camera.

Elsewhere, Nevada state officials approved laws governing fracking on Thursday in Elko City. The Nevada Commission on Mineral Resources approved the rules regulating hydraulic fracturing, a decision that triggered backlash from environmentalists who argued the process was rushed and risks contaminating groundwater supplies and the environment in general.

Fracking is a process that involves blasting a pressurized mixture of chemicals, water and sand into deep shale rocks to fracture them and release the fuel trapped within for subsequent extraction. The technique has unlocked oil and gas reserves in places that were previously difficult to extract.

Tribal nations, farmers and environmentalists argued fracking risks depleting the state’s groundwater sources. Nevada, U.S. driest state, is already reeling from a three-year drought.To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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