Joystick Interactive Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Joystick Interactive Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments
Joystick Interactive Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Joystick Interactive Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

When Bitcoin is touching every heart and mind of creative and innovative people, ad agencies cannot be left aside. Not many ad agencies accept Bitcoin; however, the spirit Joystick CEO Chris Wilson has for the digital currency, according to thousands of Bitcoin supporters is praiseworthy.

Mr. Wilson said that as an agency that focuses on creativity and innovation, Bitcoin is a natural choice. He also said that apart from creativity and innovation, another reason is that it has global clients and payment in Bitcoin is a lot easier for its clients located internationally. He recognizes the need for innovation and growth in digital currency, just as there is in digital advertising.

20% Discount on Clients Paying in Bitcoin

Joystick Interactive hasn’t just embraced Bitcoin but also started promoting it with its latest offer wherein all those clients who pay in Bitcoin will be getting 20% discount on the charges it levies. The ad agency calls the discount a kind of celebration as it is embracing the innovating and revolutionary concept of digital currency.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles and London, this ad agency has some Fortune 500 clients that include Google, Toyota, Disney, Mazda, Sony and Activision, etc. These clients have been giving it their promotional works and it never failed their expectations. The latest decision again is going to fill the expectations from the clients who wish to pay in Bitcoin.


These clients will not just be paying in Bitcoin but will also be availing 20% discount; thus, it appears that it is a double celebration moment for them. Paying in Bitcoin now clients can avail top notch ad campaigns from a top ad agency and that too at lower cost thanks to the discount in offer.

Small and medium size Companies to Get the Benefit

Interesting fact is that though Joystick Interactive has big clients like Google, Toyota, Disney, Mazda, Sony and Activision, etc. these are not the clients that are going to pay in Bitcoin. Thus, it looks; it will be the small and comparatively lesser known clients that will be paying in the digital currency.

There is a lot of scope for small to medium size and comparatively less known companies to benefit from the offer from Joystick Interactive. Apart from these, even the startup companies will be able to cash in the golden opportunity made available by the ad agency.

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