Jordan Lee Claims NuBits to Solve Volatility Issues in Cryptocurrencies


Jordan Lee Claims NuBits to Solve Volatility Issues in Cryptocurrencies – After a lot of speculation, Jordan Lee has openly proclaimed NuBits Project to solve the current volatility issues faced by cryptocurrencies. In his post on Peercoin’s official forum, the celebrated Peershares developer explained a so-called roadmap to achieve non-volatility in cryptocurrency market. Here is how he embarked his proposal:

“I will confirm what has been hinted at for some time that the NuBits project solves the problem of volatility. On a time scale beyond several days, our solution to volatility is completely independent of our trading bot operating on exchanges. However, on a time scale less than several days, operating our trading bot on exchanges is needed.”

While taking care of the “however” quotient, Jordan proposed a solution of releasing trading bots with “minimal exchange operations”. As his logic declares, this step will give them proper time to analyze the public reaction to this update, based on which they can scale up (or down) their short term stabilization mechanism. He concluded by making a commitment to pay whatever compensation the market demands, while at the same time luring the potential investors to fund the exchange operations.

Announced on June 5th, the NuBits project caught instant attention of the cryptocurrency followers, especially its claims of being a ground breaking release. Even then, Jordan Lee denied the possibilities of receiving pre-release investments, stating that he is not comfortable in selling a product which doesn’t exist. He further have told the Peercoin community that he will only start looking for investors once the project will reach to its implementable state.

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