Isracoin Trading Now Live at Cryptocurrency Exchange C-CEX


Isracoin: Another Nation-Based Cryptocurrency, But with Something Unique – With just two-weeks left till Israel’s first national cryptocurrency Isracoin’s airdrop, Isracoin is already in the headlines for being added into the services of renowned cryptocurrency exchange C-CEX. The exchange today announced that it has commenced Isracoin trading against USD, BTC and various other currencies, providing Isracoin the exact boost it needed before its airdrop.

Following the announcement, the Isracoin value and market cap has release exponentially in last hours, increasing a whopping 68% in just 12 hours. The coin has earlier showed a similar performance, and once rose unbelievably around 678% within a smaller set of time.


This performance had also brought Isracoin to the list of best cryptocurrencies by market cap. But the rulings by Chinese Central Bank PBOC has terribly shook its position, following which its market cap fell from the 4th position to unknown double figures. It now stands 78th in terms of market cap.

With C-CEX now making Isracoin trading available, right before its soon-to-happen distribution, we believe the currency will once again pick speed in the following days. The only trouble Isracoin can face is a possible case in which Israelites exchange this coin quickly after receiving it. The same has been seen the case of Auroracoin, the first-ever national cryptocurrency which lost value after being distributed among the Icelanders.

Although, Isracoin’s distribution has been speculated to be innovative from the Auroracoin’s. We had earlier noted down in our special article on Isracoin, that there is something unique about the distribution mechanism of Isracoin. “Unlike Auroracoin, which is currently on the verge of collapse amidst its “Airdrop”, Isracoin’s distribution is phased with an implementable plan. The developers have highly focused on marketing their currency among Israeli businessmen, announcing that the first 50,000 businesses will receive a total of 500 Isracoins each.”

With the airdrop just 13 days away, Isracoin can attract a larger number of traders thanks to their visibility on C-CEX. The Israel coin can then ensure a longer sustenance in the market, when people outside Israel are ready to invest in it.

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