Is the Current U.S. Stock Market Rally a Temporary Trend?

Is the Current US Stock Market Rally Temporary Trend
Is the Current US Stock Market Rally Temporary Trend

For those of you who follow or even trade U.S. stocks, you will be familiar with the current upward trend we are seeing. Traders have decided to go bullish as jobs figures published from the U.S. economy have turned out to be very positive. In addition, there are further indications showing that the U.S. is leading the world to an economic recovery. This is in contrast to what we have seen for the Eurozone.

There has been a rally for U.S. stocks since the middle of last week. This was initially unexpected due to there being a lack of risk sentiment in the financial markets. What we saw about a week ago was the U.S. failing to release positive data. At least this has changed recently. The positive economic data in the past several trading says has given traders the required confidence to go bullish on stocks such as Nokia and Apple.

Now, what is on traders’ minds is whether or not these gains will continue into both today’s trading session and in the latter days of this week. President Obama has been successful in boosting the U.S. economy, and it may be given a bigger boost due to the Federal Reserve going ahead with additional bond buying.

There will be the Jack Lew speech later on today, which investors are advised to follow closely if they intend on trading their favorite stocks. He may turn out to speak positively about the U.S. economic outlook. As a result, stocks could be given another push higher, but nothing is for certain.