IQ option Review


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IQ Option Review

[00:11] – Hello and welcome to the review of IQ Option, a binary option broker. As you can see I am on the front page of the website and you can see that you can get up to 92% profit on ups and downs. It’s simple; is it going to go higher or lower binary options. You can see it clearly lists the benefits upfront. Minimum restrictions to start: You can get deposits as little as $10 to get involved. You can also use hundreds of deposits and withdrawals methods. Pretty much any way you can imagine you can do. Of course the reverse is true with the withdrawal. They do have a nice education system and they do tell that quite a bit.
Recently, and I am recording this in late June, they added the Bitcoin index (you can trade there as well) and there is plenty of financial news at the bottom to look out for the latest updates in the markets.
[1:20] – Contact Information: they are located in the Seychelles, Hong Kong. Education, again as I mentioned previously, is rather extensive. With this broker, you can get various courses such as Binary Options, Market Analysis (that’s technical analysis), Option Strategies (placing different trades in different orders, etc.) And as you can see there is a video which is easily accessible.
The Assets they trade: It does say that, right now, its 59 of 69 available. It depends on the market of course, the market close, some don’t. Commodities right now: Gold is the commodity they trade on CME. You can see that 11 Forex pairs are available. Most standard pairs they have; they also have a couple of Ruble pairs which is little bit different than lot of other brokers.
[02:22] – Indices have 6 or 7. Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX, CAC 40, NASDAQ, NIKKEI are the indices they do trade. When you look at this broker, you can see that there are a lot of common questions that they go through. Minimum amount of withdrawal and deposit again is $10. It even tells you what Put option is, you know how much time does it take to withdraw the funds, in what currency I can open a trading account; you can see you can open account in dollars and rubles. Expiration prices and times, it explains that, etc.
So they even have their award listed on the website. Most Innovative Binary Option broker at a recent conference in Moscow; there of course is some recognition. There tournaments, this of course is written in Russian, but you can also get English details. Basically price fund is $5 participation, and you can win up to $500. There is 101 participants in this one particular competition. But you can see the other ones they have shown and finished. That’s a nice thing there you can get involved in.
[03:45] – As a forex trader, you can recognize that this broker has many accounts type of contest which always comes with some fun. The great thing with binary options of course is you don’t have the risk you normally have in an accounts, say you know $200 account or whatever forex markets.
If you really want to make money on a live account on one of those tournaments, there is lot of ways of taking ridiculous risks. But for binary options, or more options for general, you know your risks upfront. Again, you know you can register and trade from the front page. There is a straightforward signup procedure, in which you can also login through Facebook and Google Plus; that’s kind of interesting.
So that’d been said, it’s pretty straightforward broker. There is video on which if you click, you will see pop ups on screen. And there is live help and you know all kind of things you can get involved in through this broker that allows you to basically trade various markets around the world and you know, simply take advantage of price fluctuations through correlating and non-correlating markets. They do offer demo account which is not something you always see so that is something you definitely want to impress you on the forefront a bit.