Iowa’s Gov. Terry Branstad Says He will Sign the Medical Marijuana Bill


Iowa’s Gov. Terry Branstad Says He will Sign the Medical Marijuana BillIowa Governor Terry Branstad said on Friday that he will sign the bill that decriminalizes the use of cannabis oil to help treat chronic epilepsy.

The bill requires a patient to obtain a recommendation from a physician in order to access a maximum of 32 ounces of cannabis oil, reported the Huffington Post.

“The legislature and I were convinced, I think, by a lot of the families that have children that are epileptics and have these severe seizures that this is something that can help them,” Branstad said. “We wanted to avoid unforeseen circumstances and I think the bill that passed is very limited.”

Branstad said he will give his assent to the bill next week. He is also expected to sign bills that will ban the use and sale of electronic cigarettes to minors and regulate the use of drones. He is also expected to sign the Home Base Iowa initiative, which offers veterans job and tax incentives on Memorial Day.


Branstad had initially opposed plans to legalized medical marijuana, saying he was worried it may be abused. However, he changed tack and backed the move, adding he had empathy for patients who believe the drug may help. He also reportedly held discussions with Utah and Alabama governors, whose states have legalized medical pot.

Branstad also stated that he supports blocking the use of the marijuana oil to treat other chronic conditions or for managing post-traumatic stress disorder.

“We worked very closely with the legislators through this process to try to make sure it was very focused, very targeted, very limited and that it wouldn’t get in the hands of people that want to use it for other purposes and it can’t be smoked,” Branstad says. “This is oil that is used strictly to treat epilepsy and it’s just for that purpose.” To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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