Iowa House Committee Overwhelmingly Votes in Favor of Medical Marijuana Bill


Iowa House Committee Overwhelmingly Votes in Favor of Medical Marijuana BillIowa House committee voted in favor of a bill that seeks to legalise medical marijuana oil, setting the stage for the House floor to debate it possibly today.

The bipartisan committee voted 13-5 on Tuesday, effectively allowing persons with seizures and other severe epileptic symptoms to use cannabidiol, a marijuana-based oil, to use the drug to manage their condition.

The legislation, approved 13-5 by a House committee Tuesday, gives legal protection for people who suffer from seizures, or their guardians, to use marijuana-based cannabidiol treatments they could purchase in other states.

To qualify for the drug, individuals must have a state patient card, which is obtained using, amongst other qualifications, a neurologist’s prescription, reported The Des Moines Register.


Before the bill was approved, the committee inserted three changes (amendments) that ensure that it will return back to the Senate, which has already approved it, once the House votes in its favor.

One amendment calls for the University Of Iowa School Of Medicine to research on the effectiveness of the marijuana oil, though it doesn’t set aside funds for doing so. The second one caps the amount of cannabidiol a person can have at 32 ounces, which is about six months supply.

The third amendment provides of out-of-state caregivers to have temporary marijuana cards. This means that a relative who leaves in another state can visit a family member in Iowa and use the temporary license to administer the drug. The bill also requires patients or their guardians to obtain the medical marijuana oil out of state.

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