IOS Store Adds Bitcoin Wallet Application


IOS Store Adds Bitcoin Wallet Application

Apple has moved to implement its recent change of bitcoin policy, with the introduction of a new bitcoin wallet app in the iOS Apps Store.

Developer of the new app, Coinpocket, describes the application as a development from its previous open source HTML5 version. The advanced app comes with capacity to access camera hardware for reading QR codes.

According to Benzinga, Apple had prohibited bitcoin wallet capability for applications on its stores, much to the annoyance of the virtual currency’s fans. The fans accused Apple of going against its own identity of being innovative and anti-establishment. Some started a campaign for users of bitcoin to crash functional iPhones and switch to smart devices that use the Android Operating System.

It’s thought that Apple reversed their ban before a potential migration to Android acquired life.

The new app carries basic features, but makes it possible for users to accomplish pretty much everything they could with previously available wallet applications on iPhone such as Coinbase and Blockchain, which remained not updated for a quite some time before finally being removed from the store. The company revised its stance last week to feature acceptable digital currencies.


Coinpocket has a feature that allows users to sweep private keys into the digital wallet, important for quick movement of funds from other wallets. It also has capability to create a private key with BIP38 encryption, although the feature tends to take a long time, with some users citing software failure.

The application’s send and receive functions are easy to use. It also features prices of the digital currency from three different sources.

With Apple having give nod to bitcoin wallets, competition is on for developers to come up with digital wallet apps with superior features for the iOS, which still commands a substantial market share in some of the wealthiest countries, Coindesk argues.

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