InterTrader Review


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InterTrader Review

[00:11] – Hello and welcome to’s review of InterTrader, a CFD and trading and financial spread betting platform based in the UK. So as you can see you can apply right from the top page; you can see that you can get up to 5000 USD bonus for new spread betting accounts. First deposit over 500 GBP increased up to 10% to a maximum of 5000 GBP. You can see that there is Meta Trader 4, featuring 46 forex pairs they offer, plus indices and commodities. So there is quite a bit to trade.

The FCA regulates InterTrader so that of course helps with reliability and safety of your funds of course. You can see that they have advanced finance charts available, as well as trading tools, etc. We’ll go there first so you can see: Trading Signals, Advanced Trading Charts, News and Research (so there is research available). There are indices, off market hours I should specify, but you can see they have Rio Tinto, the Germany 30 which is a DAX, US 500, AUD/JPY. There is a video here to tour the platform. But it is not the Meta Trader 4 platform; that’s the web based one for CFD and spread betting one.

[01:55] – You can see that they do have webinars. For example: trading for live, live trading, etc. You can contact them, or request a call back. There is an international number you can call. No reports on their web-based trading platform at all. Value for the money: they offer quite a bit of trading tools and advanced features at no extra costs, whether in case you have to improve the status of your account as opposed to other brokers.

So, for example you have got Market Info here and it tells you about the wide range of markets. So let’s go ahead and see. Stock Indices (the DAQ, DK, NASDAQ, SP 500, Dow, FTSE 100 and 250 and the DAX), Currencies (including the daily contracts on all the major FX pairs, plus minor and exotic ones as the previously is just 46 pairs); there are individual shares and that features individual shares from around the world of different large companies. You know like India, Scandinavian, United States, etc.

[03:17] – Brent Crude and US Crude is covered as well; metal including gold and silver, and coffee, cocoa, sugar, corn, oats and wheat. Interest Rates: you can bet on Euribor, Eurodoller, Euroswiss or Short Sterling futures. And of course there are bonds like Schatz, the Gilt, the Bund, 5 years and 10 years United States, etc.

So, that been the case we look at Trader Education and again there are the webinars basically. There is a learning academy which you can sign up, strategy center, etc. You can download their fee trading guide, written by professional trader Tom Hougaard. And then of course Platform Video Guide, Placing Trades and Orders; so it is pretty self-explanatory really once you get here. Again you can refer friends, and on top your receive bonus up to 5,000 GBP. With that been the case you can see that they are aggressively looking for traders out there, and have been doing quite well.

[04:24] – Trade Back is the reduction of the cost of trading. As you can see, you get a little bit of rebate with spreads at certain level over 500 GBP. As you click on Forex, you can see that there is no dealing desk and spreads from STP ECN so all the way from zero and all. You can see that they again use a Meta Trader 4 – 100% hedging and no conflict of interest. That is indeed important because that means they are not concerned about your account when they are matching orders obviously. So that ensures a greater degree of safety if you win.

Click on the Platform and you have mobile trading for the iPhone. iPad and Android. The web-based and of course the InterTrader enhanced MT4. You can start chatting almost anywhere throughout the website. They are available 24/5. And as results definitely offers quite a bit of access to the company itself, you can see that it has a pretty informative page on why you want to use InterTrader. And it goes into the safety, the FCA, etc. And with that you know it tells you all the highlights, small time trades etc. As far that is concerned, the market is pretty varied on which you can trade on. And this is a good way without a massive account to guard and tackle global markets to get all of the other markets they talk about in this particular brokerage firm. You can see here massive accounts, hedge funds type accounts you can trade all over the world like you can here.

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