Internet of Coins Wants to Create an Environment for Personal Finance


The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is abuzz with interest and innovation at this point in time. There is an increased traction that the two industries have been gaining. Seems like everyone is interested to be a part of it and there is no dearth of experiments and technologies popping up on the block.

While a lot of people have been involved in the scene for a long time now, there are others who are just getting introduced to Bitcoin. The people who are already familiar with Bitcoin have gone further to explore like BitsharesCounterParty or Waves. They also experiment with the various token systems and smart contracts that are available on these platforms.

A lot of interesting innovation is taking place in the blockchain and crypto space. Initiatives are being taken to make the blockchain technology easier to use.

There are also attempts at decentralizing the exchanges like EtherDelta, the NXT Asset Exchange, or playing around with Mosaics on the New Economy Movement platform.

There are activities galore in the blockchain space and crypto space but still a need is being felt for an environment that brings all these initiatives together in an understandable and secure way. Internet of Coins (IoC) wants to create this environment without a for-profit motive, guaranteeing objectivity, equality and freedom of development and use of all the novel peer-to-peer financial technologies.

This environment is supposed to be accessible for everyone, including the people with no technological experience.

Internet of Coins wants to be such an environment and has been working on to realize the ambition for some time now.

The foundations for a decentralized financial web have been set down at its core, and its mission and objective is to make sure all the different platforms, ecosystems and technologies that are out there become accessible to anyone and everyone.

Internet of Coins has been working on its easy-to-use hybrid asset technology for the last two years. Hybrid token functions as a diversification portfolio of multiple blockchain technologies, and spreads risk of failure of any one of these systems while facilitating the decentralized trade on all the underlying platforms and has a focus on creating liquidity at the same time.

Internet of Coins is giving out these hybrid tokens as a perk to invite people to start using the environment.

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