The International Virtual Crypto summit 2015 to be Held on 26th and 27th February


The International Virtual Crypto summit 2015 to be Held on 26th and 27th February

The International Virtual Crypto summit 2015, the only truly global crypto event that can provide a real perspective on the state of the crypto industry, future trends, business opportunities and innovations, is going to be held on 26th and 27th of February. The event will witness intense debate and participation from industry stalwarts.

The organizers of The International Virtual Crypto summit 2015 are inviting the interested parties saying that they can join for free right from their own computer. There will be live lectures Startups stage new announcements Investment opportunities – Virtual Press room – The Blockchain virtual birthday party, etc.

Talking to media summit’s co-founder Eyal Abramovitch said that the global crypto industry must come together and create a central hub that will support the expansion and growth of the entire ecosystem, and the only way is by offering free and easy access to every company, developer and Bitcoiners from around the world.

He hopes that the events will help to overcome geographic and budget limits and will allow everyone to be active members of the community. All those who will be participating in the summit will have a lot of liberty as they will not just get opportunity to attend lectures by the speakers but also attendees move around the virtual conference center.

There will also be opportunity for investors as start-ups will be presenting pitches for investment. Job seekers may look for opportunities the world’s first virtual job fair for the crypto sector. The customers will be able to get updates as some crypto companies will be taking booths to update them on new features.

Exciting Opportunities for Attendees

These companies will be showing off innovative new ideas and technologies to their existing and potential customers. Nonetheless, the summit winds up with an event to celebrate the blockchain’s sixth birthday, and to offer the summit’s attendees a final chance to mingle and network.

According to the organizers the 2015 International Virtual Crypto Summit is bringing the well established idea of the conference into to a medium more suited to the cutting edge international world of crypto.

Nonetheless, the individuals interested to attend the event will find themselves represented by an avatar on a mass multiplayer online role playing game platform wherein they can direct their character to interact with, attend, and take a look at, the summit’s many features.

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