Intelli Forex Review

Intelli Forex Review

IntelliForex was established in 2006, and specializes in financial software development and algorithmic currency trading. This company is known for providing trading signals to thousands of global traders. There are trading alerts which you can subscribe to when becoming an IntelliForex customer. If you are interested in adding forex signals to your trading strategy, take a look at the review below.

Company Information

Intelli Forex
Founded in:
California, United States
The Owner:
Financial Algorithmics LLC.
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Languages available:

Main Features

There are several signal delivery options, allowing traders of different levels to benefit from the signals. Receive trading signals for the major currency pairs: GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD and AUD/USD. You should try out the free trial, which is valid for 14 days.

The trading signals are spilt into two categories: swing trades and intraday trades. The swing trades are based on pattern recognition technology. This is artificial intelligence which determines repeatable patterns in prices of currency pairs. The intraday trades are produced by IntelliForex traders, who have years of experience in the industry. Signals of both kinds are sent throughout the trading day.

The way the process goes is a trading signal alert is received, containing the market price, stop loss and take profit target. You are required to open the trade straight away due to the signal being a market order. The negative is you receive signals all the time, which can be confusing. However, the plus is that the signals work in a fairly efficient way.

Customer Support

The customer support team is above average, but we were disappointed with the absence of a customer support number. The live chat made up for this, as they fully answered each question we had about the products and services that are offered by IntelliForex. The email support was notably good too, as we received a response within 50 minutes of sending an email. In addition, to these methods, there is also a Skype contact method.

User Friendly

You have easy access to numerous tools from the Resources section of the website. One of the main advantages of the signal service is that it is quick and easy to understand. Moreover, there is an informative economic calendar, so you know when is the best time to enter and exit trades. You have access to a list of MetaTrader Brokers, as the software is most compatible with the MetaTrader terminal.

Take a look at the Articles, as they cover the key areas of forex trading. The Financial Glossary is accessible via the website, and contains the most important terms relating to financial market trading. You will find the website quite useful, as thereis a great range of products and services to access.

Ultimate Overview

The IntelliForex trading signals service is popular among beginners, intermediate traders and advanced traders. You need to make sure the signals you receive match your judgment. The truth is that this is how trading goes with other signal providers too. The overall service offered to traders is of high quality. If you are a serious forex trader, visit the website today.