Information Presented by Economic Indicators Globally

Information Presented by Economic Indicators Globally
Information Presented by Economic Indicators Globally

There has been a lot of volatility with regards to economic indicators lately.Official data reported on Wednesday indicated a hike in the wage price index of Australia, during the previous quarter. With analysts predicting that wage price index in Australia will increase to a position of 0.8% in the preceding quarter, the report showed that Australian Bureau of Statistics had computed the wage price index to have increased to a value of 0.8% from 0.7%, during the last quarter.

In Japan, an official report showed an increase in the All Industries Activity Index, during the previous month. The rise was higher than expected, with analysts anticipating the value to increase to 1.6%, previous month. However, the data recorded by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry showed that the All Industries Activity Index of Japan had climbed to a value of 1.8% from a value of -0.4% during the last month, when the value was modified lower from -0.3%.

Trade balance in countries across the globe, Japan and Spain also witnessed an increase, as per official information. In Japan, value of increase for trade balance was lower than estimated, since analysts had speculated an increase to -0.59T previous month, and the report showed that the Ministry of Finance had recorded the trade balance in Japan to have increased to -0.68T, from a value of -0.78T last month, when the value was altered higher from -0.80T. In Spain, trade balance showed a surprise increase last month, according to official data. With analysts anticipating a fall in the trade balance to a value of -2.40B previous month, the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica reported that the trade balance in Spain has registered an increased to -1.29B, from a value of -1.40B in the prior month
In New Zealand, official information showed that the input related to producer price inflation showed a downward trend in the previous quarter.

Although analysis had speculated the value to increase over the previous quarter to a value of 0.3%, the Statistics New Zealand indicated that the New Zealand PPI input recorded a downward value of -0.3%, from a position of -1.0% in the last quarter. In Germany, the economic sentiment also showed signs of improvement in February, recording a highest position, from April in 2010.