Independent Reserve Launches New Bitcoin Exchange


Independent Reserve Launches New Bitcoin Exchange – In times when cryptocurrency exchanges are coming on the verge of being closed due to security threats, traders are always searching for a better and secure alternative to safeguard their online wallets and accounts. At the same time, Independent Reserve is promising to offer just that – a safe place to buy, sell and store Bitcoins.

The Australian company recently launched a new Bitcoin exchange, called Independent Reserve Exchange (IRE). Metaphorically, if Bitcoin is Mr. President of the United States, then IRE is the white house, safeguarding the man from any kind of attack or malicious activity. If you find our comparison a little far-stretched, try reading what the Independent Reserve CEO, Mr. Adam Tepper, has to say.

“We,” he quotes, “have the last mover advantage, and have spent thousands of hours on R&D and learning from other venues to make sure our platform is completely robust with the strongest security mechanisms possible”

Upon digging the facts behind Mr. Tepper’s words, we got to know that the Independent Reserve itself has created a security-concerned technology, named Airmarshal™ platform. Reportedly, this platform is specifically created to provide a “secure, robust [and] scalable system for online trading.” The company is also providing an API for the third parties that are wishing to integrate with them. Surely with right word-of-mouth, Independent Reserve is liable to make a name for itself within the cryptocurrency sector.

You can read their entire press release here to know more about the new cryptocurrency exchange.

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