In Front Digital ushers in a new era of Bitcoin payments


In Front Digital, a full-service online marketing agency, is now the first Bitcoin-accepting digital marketing agency in the Midlands, UK. The Birmingham-based agency has started accepting Bitcoin as payment or partial-payment for its search marketing services.

The agency, which was already using traditional payment methods for its plethora of internet marketing services, including SEO and PPC, felt the need of innovation. They, according to Managing Director Matt Day, decided to add Bitcoin as a part of their expansion plans, a section of which aims to improve speed and cost of transaction for clients.

Day explained: 

“We have been following the trend and usage of cryptocurrencies over the past 18 months and see Bitcoin is gaining in strength, popularity and use.

In Front Digital hopes that the adoption of Bitcoin will fasten their project start times, as the Bitcoin transactions are faster. This will inturn reduce the waiting times for clients and hence, will allow targets to be achieved in a more timely manner.

Matt Day, Managing Director at In Front Digital believes that the businesses operating in the Midlands area want more economic freedom. The merchant fees are high, and the local operations find it difficult to attract global audiences. Bitcoin, on the other hand, makes sure to make a local service into global phenomenon, provided with right mix of dedication and up-to-datedness. 

Matt Day also accepts that the traditional payment barriers have impeded their expansion plans in the past.

In Front Digital is a Google partner with immense experience in Search marketing. With a proven track record of results and exceptional ROI for its clients, In Front Digital stands as a leading digital marketing agency.

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