Illinois to Hold Two Public Medical Marijuana Hearings, Protests Held in Montana


Illinois to Hold Two Public Medical Marijuana Hearings, Protests Held in MontanaIllinois public health department plans to hold two public hearings touching on the proposed medical marijuana regulations.

Illinois plans to hold a trial medical marijuana program that will span four years. The hearing will discuss rules affecting access to medical marijuana by adult patients suffering from particular health conditions.

Members of public are invited to the hearings, which will be conducted in Springfield and Chicago. The University of Illinois Springfield campus will hold the Springfield hearing at 9 a.m. in May 21. The Thompson center will host the Chicago hearing starting at 9:30 a.m. in May 5.


The draft rules were recorded in the Illinois Register one week ago (April 18), which launched the first steps towards enacting the law. The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules of the Legislature will start its evaluation in June, reported the Clinton Herald.

In a separate report, pro-medical marijuana activists in Montana held protests outside two businesses in Billings associated with Steve Zabawa, who is sponsoring a proposal that seeks to outlaw the drug in the state. The protesters, who totalled around 100, camped outside Rimrock KIA and Rimrock Subaru on Saturday.

Zabawa seeks to “eliminate the disparity between federal law and state law”, effectively outlawing a drug listed on the Federal Controlled Substances Act’s Schedule One. The protesters are however opposed to the move.

“He’s using it as a platform to launch his political career on the backs of the sick and the terminal,” said Jason Smith, a medical marijuana patient, told KBZK News. “These are patients, people’s neighbors and family members and here you’re having a car salesman telling what’s best for you. To me that’s criminal, not cannabis.”

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