Illegal Litecoin Mining Operation Busted in Columbia


Illegal Litecoin Mining Operation Busted in Columbia – Two Missouri students were recently busted by authorities for running an illegal Litecoin mining operation on computers in the Reynolds Journalism Institute, reported James Gordon and Seth Klamann of ColumbiaMissourian.Com.

MU Police Capt. Brian Weimer confirmed the reports and told the media that both the accused – Wichmann, an Internet technology major and O’Steen, a computer science major – gave a voluntarily arrest to police and were released the very same Friday. A case in the violation of “state tampering statute” however can still be filed against the accused, said Capt. Weimer.

Boone Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brouck Jacobs said he is waiting for the police report to hit his desk, before they move on with filing formal charges against O’Steen and Wichmann. On the other hand, it seems that Reynold Journalism Institute was itself in no mood to pursue the charges. The two students were given community services to repent.

The illegal Litecoin mining operations were first brought to light by the MU Journalism school’s IT caretaker Justin Giles who noticed a successful breach in some of the iMacs in the 45 Walter Williams Hall. The hackers passed through the administration security on 10 different computers and installed the cryptocurrency mining applications on all of them.

Both Wichmann and O’Steen were identified using the help of security cameras and computer’s activity logs.

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