iDIAMONDS Now Offering Diamonds in Exchange of Bitcoin


iDIAMONDS Now Offering Diamonds in Exchange of Bitcoin

iDIAMONDS has been selling diamonds successfully for years; however, it has always been pro-technology and innovation. Continuing the legacy, it has now decided to embrace Bitcoin, the digital currency that is becoming popular around the world for its user-friendly features for international transactions.

Talking to media professionals at the occasion of the announcement iDIAMONDS CEO Dan Gildoni said that exchanging Bitcoin for diamonds is an excellent choice for Bitcoin investors as according to him they traditionally increase in value, are a stable product, and are a sought after commodity in their own right.

Diamonds have a huge market in the US and sales hit the $1.7 Billion mark in 2013; thus, there is no doubt that buying diamonds with online eRetailers is more than just a way to save a few dollars. According to the company, ecommerce is finally acknowledged as a key growth engine and even diamond jewelry sellers are not left behind.

The diamond industry is also keeping up with how consumers shop. However, while there are dozens of diamond eRetailers, Bitcoin is still considered unknown waters in the world of jewelry as not many of them accept it. Nonetheless, understanding the opportunity, established eRetailer has now decided to accept Bitcoin.

Now, it will allow the purchase of all diamonds and diamond jewelry using Bitcoin in partnership with Bitcoin payment gateway BitPay. Dan Gildoni who co-founded iDIAMONDS with one simple goal i.e. make it easier to purchase diamonds and diamond jewelry understands that customers also want easy payment methods.

The Company is Pro-Innovation

There is no better and speedier payment method than Bitcoin. It not just saves transactions fees but also reduces a lot of hassle for the company that accepts Bitcoin as it can process it faster than the traditional payment methods. Thanks to various rich features a lot of organizations like Microsoft, Greenpeace, Newegg, Overstock, Dell, and Wikipedia accept it.

Lately, even Mozilla started accepting payment in Bitcoin along with tens of thousands of other businesses across the globe. The company says that by offering Bitcoin enthusiasts and Bitcoin investors a stable and trusted commodity to exchange their Bitcoin into, iDIAMONDS aspires to further push the ecommerce revolution.

According to the press release, the company is quick to adopt emerging trends in ecommerce and technology, and iDIAMONDS is proud to now accept Bitcoin as a payment method for all carats, diamonds and diamond Jewelry with Free FedEx shipping.

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