I2Investments Review

Key Stats

Founded: 2013

Website: iiinvestments.com

Email: support@iiinvestments.com

Skype: support@iiinvestments.com

Founder: Mr. Jürgen Muller

Regulation: BDC FSA

I2Investments is an Alternative Investments Direct Dealer. They are the only online DIRECT Dealer of solely Alternative Investment Classes. It is I2Investments’ mission to provide clients with a platform to invest their funds directly into the Top FX, Gold, Silver, Oil, and other leading alternative asset classes.

I2Investments describes itself as a true hybrid STP Brokerage firm providing Global Asset Management to both retail and HNW/Institutional Investors, which allows them to serve their clients with prime brokerage liquidity and access to over a dozen exchanges around the world.


Founded in 2013 by Mr. Jürgen Muller, I2Investments.com started as a small trading company formed by a team of traders and software developers. The main reason behind the company’s establishment was the large demand for investments away from Stock/Index/Real Estate.

The company consistently failed after the global economic slowdown during its initial years. It was the combined backgrounds of various members of the team that helped them pass through seven years of hardships, failures, and eventually success. So much so, that they even thrived in one of the biggest market crashes in history, in 2009.

Through those years they developed a trading methodology that brought consistent 10% – 25% in monthly gains in the last three years alone.

On being questioned in an interview for a local radio station in Singapore, Mr. Muller said, “We’re not magicians. We just learned things the hard way.”

How it works

I2Investments strategy is based on three principles: Expert Strategy. Discipline. Consistency.

Their analyst team uses a proprietary strategy developed over twenty years, involving differently-weighted technical systems and news fundamentals, coming in real time, 24/7.

I2Investments’ trading decisions are made by seasoned market professionals who use combination of technical analysis for entering and exiting trades, and fundamental analysis for deciding on long term price moves.


I2Investments currently employs a total of thirty-five analysts, account managers, software developers, and administrative staff all around the world to serve the ever-expanding needs of their diverse client base in five continents.

Main Features

I2Investments provides the traders with their cutting-edge pattern-recognition software and supply-and-demand data that comes in from nine banks to help them determine price strength or weakness, in order to decide to enter a trade or not.

They also believe in an aggressive approach to the market that still preserves client capital and does not over-leverage accounts. Generally, three to seven positions are placed daily on a variety of trading instruments. See their trading record.

Moreover, they are partnered with the largest liquidity/prime brokerage firms in the world. Which not only gives their clients assurance that their funds are being traded in the safest liquidity available, but also ensures the fastest possible trade execution.

Security Features

I2Investments believes in the importance of asset security in order to build trust and transparency in the global financial industry. Also, they do not handle client funds and the client’s investment deposit is sent directly to the Liquidity Provider. Thus, making the whole process transparent.

They are regulated by the BDC FSA, and maintain segregated accounts and strict verification procedures for all client accounts.

Moreover, the user accounts are always monitored by at least two members of their analyst team, in case of any unexpected market development.

Customer Support

They have a dedicated 24 hours support desk to take user queries right on the front page of their website. There are separate email I’ds provided for queries ranging from General Support / New Client Queries to Legal / Complaints.

I2Investments also provides the options of live chat, fax and skype for their customers to reach out to them.

Future Goals

I2Investments’ goal for the next five years is to grow into a fully-fledged financial institution managing upwards of (€100MM EUR for both retail and institutional investors).


From the first cursory glance, it becomes clear that I2Investments is not just some other investment fund in the market. Its tagline, Modern Alternative Investment Fund, clearly establishes the unique selling point of the company. Their focus on FX, Gold, Oil, BitCoin, and alternative investments does justice to their claim in the tagline. Moreover, the company’s focus on maintaining transparency in its dealings and user fund security helps them in building customer and market trust.