HYmarkets Review


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HY Markets Review

[00:11] – Hello and welcome to ForexMinute.com review of HY Markets. Regulated in Britain, this broker allows for forex and commodity stock trading. One of the biggest feature that they tout on site is the ‘Trade All Capital Markets’. And I have to say though, that it is pretty impressive what you can trade. This is one of the situations where you are allowed to trade from the retail standpoint. Various markets take advantage of different trading opportunities around the world.

So for example, if you go to the Products, you can see that there is Oil/Gas, Metals, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Forex, and then there is a specifications (the spreads, the margins, etc.) You can see there is a FCS license number here, indicating that they are regulated in the UK. So that of course is rather important to know that you are dealing with a company that has open and transparent regulatory licensing, as well as many issues that may/may not have gone out in the past. With a regulated company and a very highly traded economy, that factor certainly helps for your peace of mind.

[01:33] – So for example if we click on stocks just to see what they offer, you can see that stock trading allows you to trade shares of 12 major companies, Am-Ex, AT&T, Bank of America, Coca Cola, etc. Now these are CFDs so they do allow you to trade smaller amounts. Then you would say that you opened up a stock account. See the US 30 which is a Dow Jones, the NASDAQ is 500 Index, the hank sank China H-Shares, Japan 225 Index, etc. for indices.

Commodities: Coffee, Sugar, Cotton, and Cocoa; Metals: Gold Silver Copper (that’d be the usual); Oil: Natural Gas, Brant Oil, and US Oil be WTI of course. There are stocks mentioned previously and the Forex.

[02:31] – When we look at the forex market, you can see that it gives you a little bit of history here. And growth of the forex market that why you should trade it. When you go to specification, you have the product specifications for mini accounts, Islamic accounts which they do offer for those of you who are looking for that, roll over charges etc. So it does give you quite a bit of information to look at.

Platforms: they have a web based platform, a mobile based platform (of course the Meta Trader 4 which most of the different traders use).

[03:11] – Economic Calendar under the trade tools: it will tell you what is going on. So for example, we are looking at the 2nd of June, Monday – China had Dragon Boat Festival so that was a holiday. And we can see New Zealand, etc. Now looking at this, you can see their economic announcements, the details you can click on, etc.

Now going forward, you need also to think about, you know, what you want to use as far as a broker like – whether or not you need value added services. They do offer charts on their website as well as the trading platform as you can see the EUR/USD daily chart (just showing if you would have been doing lately).

Going back to page, you can see that they have an about us (company info, licenses, etc.), how to open a live account, client money protection (you can see Henyep Capital Markets). Now this is a pretty big company that specializes in forex, CFDs. Around the world, there are several different offices that are certainly well known.

[04:22] – Again there is Education, which is good to teach trading basics, technical analysis, etc. as well as fundamental analysis. So as a value added bonus, they have market commentary. So for example, here we have US Oil again which is WTI licensed crude. You can see there are pivot levels that can tell you how they see it, as far as how the analysis as far as market in general.

So you open an account, account types, margin and leverage. In margin and leverage, you can see how it works; it explains to you what exactly you can do now. You go back to the product specifications, the margin will going to be a little different in CFDs, Forex, etc. but all that is plainly laid out. Even they have a blog that they have integrated with the website. And you can see there is Stock Market, you know, what it did on 2nd of June, Crude Prices Boosted by Chinese PMI, that kind of thing.

[05:30] – So all that being said, there are plenty of different ways to take advantage of capital markets through HY, because it is varied and one of the biggest advantages to work with a broker like this. And certainly it doesn’t tie you down to, say, Australian Dollar. You can play cool. For example that correlation. If there is something going on in Hong Kong that can help with the indices then you know you play the hank sank.

Payment Methods: It shows you the minimums wire transfer fees, etc. Then withdrawal minimums etc. And how long does it take (fees etc.) There are methods for deposits that are little bit more straightforward. There are debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Money Bookers, Web Money, Wire Transfer, etc. So that way your transactions are relatively quick. They are straightforward and of course again you get a reliable trading platform. That be in the case, it is a brokerage that you can used to trade its several different types of market, take advantage of the lot of different scenarios. And for those of you who are a little bit more experienced traders, they recognize the fact of being able to trade the several different market at the same time. It really opens up a world full of possibilities.