How to read Forex broker reviews?


Forex broker reviews aim to represent the latest information about the currency trading brokers and their offers. Analyzing reviews does not sound like a burdensome task and it is not in fact. However, for beginners the abundance of information might be slightly confusing. For this reason, we would like to clarify which aspects you have to pay attention to.

Company Information

When reading FX broker reviews, the first thing that you should look at is legal info about the company. Usually, this section shows you where the broker is located, whether it is regulated and if yes – by which institution. This is quite important, as you need to know if the broker is safe to trade with.

Trading Conditions Offered

Trading conditions generally cover a wide range of points that should be taken into consideration.

Firstly, we recommend you to view the description of Forex trading accounts. Some brokers offer only one real trading account, some prefer to provide several live account types to serve different kinds of traders. Additionally, you should see whether the review contains any info about a demo account.

In the broker review you should also check the spreads, as they mainly define the costs of trading. There are two types of spreads offered, i.e. fixed or floating/variable spreads. Reviews usually mark which spread type of the spread is applied by the given Forex broker.

On top of that, do not overlook the information about the trading platform when browsing best Forex broker reviews list. The trading platform is the software that you should feel comfortable with in the long run. Good reviews often describe the experience of testing the trading platform and rate its functionality. Same goes for the different types of trading platforms, because usually the FX broker offers more than one platform, e.g. desktop, web-trader, mobile apps for Android/iOS.

Availability of Promotions & Bonuses

Since brokers struggle to increase the client base, they tend to offer welcome bonuses or whole promotion programs to attract customers. Likewise, the loyalty programs may also be offered for registered users. When reading broker reviews, it is vital to see if there are any active promotions. Bonuses deliver a lot of benefits that can certainly enhance trading.

The Quality of Customer Support

Customer support plays a huge role, as you might have questions about the services or issues that have to be addressed as soon as possible. Forex broker reviews quite often describe how proficient is the customer support and what communication methods are available. This also goes for extra features such as FAQ, tutorials and similar content.


Lastly, broker reviews show the conditions of depositing and withdrawing funds. Here you should view which transfer methods are available and if the broker charges additional fees for making a transaction.


Honest reviews are the best tools for assessing online trading brokers. Reading them carefully will help you form an objective opinion about the particular FX broker.

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