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A popular online casino platform has brought players the opportunity to earn free Bitcoins., a casino MMORPG, offers a virtual gaming platform filled with games of chance, tournaments and games of skills. Located throughout this implicit world are Soldier Statues which, if accessed, lets players withdraw small quantity of Bitcoins. The game’s wikipedia page further elaborates:

“Usually soldiers will give small gifts, between 2 kSAT (1 kSAT = .00001 BTC) and 1 Bitmill (1 Bitmill = .001 BTC), rarely they’ll give larger gifts: 10 kSAT, 50 kSAT, 1 BTM or more.”

It adds: “Soldiers receive gifts from the Faucet, located behind the Palace, and they keep them in inventory, giving them out as asked. If a soldier contains multiple denominations of gifts, he will always offer the largest. Because of this, the more out-of-the way soldiers which are searched less often tend to accumulate more gifts, and more often have larger gifts than those located in the middle of town.” offers four types of Soldier Statues: Regular, Egenesis, Grindabit, and Affiliate Soldier. While the latter three are available to specific types of players, the Regular Soldier statues are available to all.

Players can receive more information on the soldier statues here.

About is a popular online casino platform offering players with a variety of skill-based games. It is developed by eGenesis, the award winning game behind “A Tale in the Desert”. The parent company has been in business for more than 12 years, and is counted among the most innovative online gaming companies at present. The company’s reputation further ensure customers of all fair gaming practices.

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