Houston Gets the Bitcoin Embassy; the event will have Great Ramifications


Houston Gets the Bitcoin Embassy; the event will have Great Ramifications

When Bitcoin is reaching to new places and marching ahead with the time, the role of stakeholders in the digital currency ecosystem becomes important. The concept of Bitcoin Embassy has caught attention as here Bitcoin supporters and other interested parties to engage and learn about Bitcoin and other emerging Blockchain technologies from likeminded individuals are becoming the mainstream.

Nonetheless, the announcement from the company say, “The Bitcoin Embassy will also serve as the primary location for formal Bitcoin education events covering topics ranging from accepting Bitcoin the currency to investing in the space to the legal ramifications of the new technology.” With the Bitcoin Embassy around it will become easy to know the digital currency.

The company sources inform that located at 6907 Almeda Rd., the Houston Bitcoin Embassy is an incubator/cow-working space dedicated to tech startups. Also, as there are plans to install a Bitcoin ATM in the facility by the end of April, a lot of local users will be able to have access to the digital currency and at the same time develop fundamental understanding of the same.

The developer of the Embassy says that home to the Texas Coinitiative, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of Bitcoin in Texas. Nonetheless, the Coinitiative mission statement says that the company she believe that it believes that the growing community will help to shape progress in this field.

As has been mentioned above such places are important for Bitcoin the users need to come network with traders, entrepreneurs and innovators working in one of the most interesting sociological and technological innovations in recent times. Media was informed that the Houston Bitcoin Embassy is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Bitcoin Reaching to the New Audience

ChangeTip CEO, Nick Sullivan; and Ziftr CEO, Bob Wilkins says that the city of Houston is still very early in adoption phases in terms of Bitcoin. The Embassy is also spearheading an educational project led by Jay Campuzano of You Soy Bitcoin, a series of educational video courses on Bitcoin for beginners in both English and Spanish.

The Houston Bitcoin Embassy currently has vacancies for anyone interested in an incubation/ co-working space. Nonetheless, the Texas Coinitiative will have a booth at tomorrow’s upcoming Texas Bitcoin Conference and also, it is going to encourage attendees to visit the booth and talk to any of its representatives there.

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