Hospital in Poland Soon to Accept Bitcoin Says Medicover Group


Hospital in Poland Soon to Accept Bitcoin Says Medicover Group

According to Medicover Group a hospital run by them will soon be accepting Bitcoin from patients. The country has already been in news for various events that promote the digital currency; this one is going to be quite helpful for the patients who wish to pay their bills in the digital currency.

Though it’s not new for medical care providers to accept Bitcoin as there are various clinics and doctors around the world have been accepting Bitcoins for minor treatments and consultations, the decision by a large hospital is definitely a huge. Nonetheless, Medicover believes that its flagship outlet in Poland’s capital treats more than 8,000 international patients.

The patients from over 20 countries worldwide get treatment at the hospital from Medicover Group; now, any of these patients willing to pay in Bitcoin will be able to do so conveniently. The country is already going to have Bitcoin ATM to help Bitcoin users. The Bitcoin payment service will be provided solely at the group’s hospital in Warsaw’s Wilanow district.

Their offer won’t be limited to one hospital as according to the representative from Medicover Group if the service proves to be popular; they would likely extend it to other centers. The organization says that IT team is currently setting up a payment platform which will be used by Medicover Hospital. It says that in the future, it will also launch a Bitcoin ATM at the hospital.

Expanding Reach of Bitcoin

Even Tucson Dunn, director of the Hospital Division at Medicover Group, admitted that the chain places an emphasis on ensuring a transparent pricing policy for its existing and potential patients. He says what makes Medicover Hospital special in the new realm of Bitcoin healthcare is that the hospital has a published Bitcoin price list for every type of care.

He admits that his organization led the development of the International Diagnosis Resource Grouping (DRG) price list which was adopted by the International Healthcare Commission. According to him the iDRG price list is the most widely accepted international price list in the world, accepted by over 100 insurance companies worldwide.

Dunn is working in collaboration with Szyszka. He says he converted the International DRG price list to a Bitcoin price list, dubbed the ‘BTC-DRG’ price list, and made it the first international Bitcoin healthcare price list. The expanding reach of Bitcoin is now entering to new arena of medical care in Poland.

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