HolyTransaction Web Wallet and Exchange Adds BlackCoin


HolyTransaction Web Wallet and Exchange Adds BlackCoin

ForexMinute.com – BlackCoin continues to grow inside the cryptocurrency market. After being accepted by major exchanges like Mintpal and Cryptsy, this Proof of Stake coin has now made its entry into HolyTransaction, a renowned web wallet and exchange service provider.

For an exchange that provides trading and online wallet services to a major section of cryptocurrency community, HolyTransaction will certainly add more brownie points to a new digital currency like BlackCoin. What further signify this tie-up are some really extraordinary services BlackCoin users will receive from HolyTransaction. They include free coin sending, safe and secure money transactions and storage, and much sought-after API support.

As per the information given on the exchange’s website, API is all about “[integrating] cryptocurrency support into a website of any kind, from invoice processing to white-labelled multi-currency wallets.” Customers can contact HolyTransaction to know more about this feature.


Before adding BlackCoin, HolyTransaction was already offering services for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin and Peercoin.

The addition of BlackCoin services to HolyTransaction although can play a major role in adding more coins to the market. Also the upcoming crowdfunding is expected to bring more miners to BlackCoin domain. This might be one of the reasons for Holy Transactions to consider adding the coin.

Also, BlackCoin seems to be trading very smoothly, especially since the aforementioned announcement. Quite opposed to the previous day in which its value against dollar fell considerably against the USD, BlackCoin is now calm thanks to the optimistic from of the market. It is expected to remain stable for the rest of today’s trading hours as well.

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