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The turnaround by Apple Inc. to allow cryptocurrency wallets for its devices has led to Hive launching its first iOS app.

Early in 2014, Apple Inc. had banned cryptocurrency wallets for its devices. Hive wallets are already popular on Android OS devices, and on Mac OS X.

At the time of the announcement of the ban, Hive had sought to overcome it by beginning work on a browser-based HTML 5 wallet. However, the new policy by Apple Inc, has led to Hive repacking it’s browser-based package for the iOS.

Hive Wallet

The first impression of Hive’s iOS is its clean, uncluttered user entry point. The multi cryptocurrency wallet currently supports bitcoins and litecoins, and has room for more of these virtual currencies as they emerge.

The principle of this App, which allows maximum privacy, is the Hierarchical deterministic (HD) feature. It generates new addresses through the BIP32 tree.

Pass Phrase generated Wallet

Interestingly, the iWallet is generated using a passphrase. This allows the iWallet to be recovered, even if the user loses use of the iPhone or iDevice through PIN lock-in or similar use cases.

More importantly, users are not be bothered with non-functional features if they change their device or look to use another device or borrowed devices. PassPhrase is a powerful feature which ensures users have anytime, anywhere Hive Wallet access.

Hive iWallet allows borrowing or lending of litecoins with other iWallet users, who are geographically nearby, with its Waggle feature.

Hive Wallet does appear rather late on the scene, since it’s nearly three months from when Apple Inc, has been allowing cryptocurrency. Other popular wallets are available at Apple Inc stores, but other popular wallets are yet to come iOS way, including Coinbase!

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