HITBTC Adds NXT to Its Platform


HITBTC Adds NXT to Its Platform

ForexMinute.com – Days after facing a massive theft of 50 million units, NXT market once again got filled with positivity with the recent announcement of HITBTC. Reportedly, the renowned cryptocurrency platform had conducted a voting round among several cryptocurrencies, in which NXT bagged the maximum votes – around 17,000 – and became the latest addition to this prestigious trading platform.

HITBTC has further made sure to attract new and existing investors to NXT by offering a special service, which is 0% fees for trades involving NXT for first two weeks. Earlier, Dogecoin was chosen to be the part of HITBTC in a similar fashion.

This news has come right after the recovery of over 80% of the stolen NXT coins, indicating a possible stability in the coin’s trading market. NXT was under a heavy pessimism lately when the news of its possible hardfork hit the wires. The decision was later taken back owing to the concerns over coin’s reputation and the absence of any technical flaw in the blockchain.

Even then, NXT market turned out to be the most stable one in times when Bitcoin and every top altcoin fell massively. It certainly proved that its community was in no mood to dump it on scales we encountered in other coins, mainly Litecoin, Peercoin and Darkcoin.

And now with HITBTC adding NXT to its platform, the coin might actually leave the past behind and actually move towards its original aim, which is providing the users with next-gen cryptocurrency features. They include proof of stake mining, faster block generation, eco-friendliness and dozen other features.

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