Highlights of the Economic Indicators Globally

Highlighting the Indicators of Economies Globally
Highlighting the Indicators of Economies Globally

Indicators and economic activities across the world can have impact on the market. An overview of the global economies indicated diverse trends. Records on Friday showed that in Japan, the industrial production had increased over the previous month, however, did not meet the expectations.

There was a general anticipation among analysts that the industrial production may show an increase of 2.5% during the last month. The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, revealed in the report that industrial production had moved up to a value of 2.4%, as compared to 2.5%. The Bank of Japan also reported that it had maintained the policy interest rate without any change, in the existing range of zero to 0.1%.

A look at the retail sector in Singapore showed that the advance of sales did not meet the expectations. In the official report, it was mentioned that the Singaporean Retail Sales has moved up to a value of -0.9%, from a value of -1.1%, which was recorded in the previous month. The value of Singaporean Retail Sales was estimated to be -0.3% last month, by analysts.

With analysts having anticipated a fall of -162B previous month for the U.S. natural gas storage, it did not meet the expectations, according to the official report. Energy Information Administration reported that the U.S.Natural Gas Storage marked a downward trend to an annual rate value of -157B, from a value of -118B, as seen in the previous month. The US Dollar continued to occupy high position in comparison to the Euro, with EUR/USD losing a value of 0.84%. Trading at 1.3345, the Euro recorded losses against the dollar. A follow-up on the trends of the Euro, the euro zone economy constricted consecutively for the third quarter, over the past three months, with the economy experiencing further recession, according to a report on Thursday. Comparison to the preceding year indicated that the economy has recorded a fall of 0.9%.

In New Zealand, the retail sales showed an increase, exceeding the expectations of the preceding month. With analysts expecting a rise of retail sales to value of 1.1% previous month, it showed an upward trend of 2.1%.