HighBitCoin™ Announces Dr. Naveed Sherwani as its New Director


HighBitCoin™ Announced Dr. Naveed Sherwani as its New Director

ForexMinute.com – Renowned meet another renowned! In an announcement made today, leading enterprise scale system and software provider HighBitCoin™ has appointed Dr. Naveed Sherwani, a reputable ASIC designer, as the new President of the company. The highly experienced man will also be part of the company’s Board of Directors.

Concurrently, HighBitCoin™ has also announced Dr. Naveed as the representative of the company at CoinSummit San Francisco.

The CEO of HighBitCoin™, Mr. Gangesh Ganesan expressed his excitement of Dr. Sherwani’s decision of joining the company. He complemented the man for his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, technical engineering and general management. Gangesh also acknowledged the impeccable and unpublicized contribution of Dr. Sherwani in the field of cryptocurrency mining.


“As the author of several textbooks and having managed the delivery of over 300 ASIC chips, Naveed brings deep technical knowledge and decades of semiconductor industry leadership to our team. His experience in designing, building and delivering semiconductor solutions will be invaluable to us” said the CEO.

Dr. Sherwani received the words from his would-be-CEO with open arms, but generously focused on the growing cryptocurrency market. He acknowledged the time frame at which digital currency has taken hold. “The number of ways that the open block chain protocol can be used to facilitate all kinds of transactions is very exciting. As more businesses adopt Bitcoins and transaction volume increases, I foresee the need for a new generation of ASIC-based enterprise class systems that are designed to scale efficiently and process millions of transactions,” he said.

A smart mind speaks as much as its acts, proves Dr. Sherwani with this thoughtful knowledge and experience. Prior to HighBitCoin, he has been the co-founder of Open-Silicon, a renowned company in providing unblemished ASIC solutions. He also has the credits of being a valuable assistance in architecting Intel microprocessor design methodology as the founder of Intel Microelectronics Services.

Dr. Sherwani holds a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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