HIBTC Adds Dogecoin Trading


HIBTC Adds Dogecoin Trading

ForexMinute.com – Addressing the innumerable requests it received from the customers, renowned cryptocurrency exchange HIBTC recently added Dogecoin trading to its platform. The exchange was already offering Bitcoin and Litecoin trading services, as well as options to trade Euro and US Dollar as well.

Earlier, HIBTC started a campaign in which it urged users to vote for the new cryptocurrencies that should be added to their platform. Other coins that are lined up to get casted are Nxt, Global Boost, BlackCoin, Vertcoin, Mintcoin, Nascoin, Darkcoin, amongst others. Dogecoin is now the only coin to have crossed the required voting numbers to get listed on HIBTC.


Effective now, the new upgrades will allow Dogecoin holders to exchange their coins with BTC, LTC, EUR and USD. They will also be able to receive the innumerable benefits – low trading fees, minimal delays, robots friendliness, etc. – offered by HIBTC.

“HIBTC team is developing new features every day to bring best trading experience to our users. And of course we are open to user requests that we receive and a lot of them are about adding new crypto currencies to our exchange,” said the announcement.

It surely seems like an innovative way of encouraging new coins and involving their followers to actually make them appear before real world. The more inter-trading between coins will not only add up to their values, but also will keep the entire cryptocurrency trading market in a constant zone, away from fiat currencies.

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