Hero Subs in Melbourne Becomes the First Fast Food Outlet to Accept Bitcoin

Hero Subs in Melbourne Becomes the First Fast Food Outlet to Accept Bitcoin
Hero Subs in Melbourne Becomes the First Fast Food Outlet to Accept Bitcoin

Hero Subs in Melbourne has teamed up with not just one, but two local payment systems to support its new network. The first one is Melbourne’s best-known Bitcoin startup CoinJar and the other is fellow digital currency pioneer DC POS. Thus, it has become the first fast food outlet in Melbourne that accepts Bitcoin for its products.

Not just that Hero Subs in Melbourne, Australia has become the city’s first fast food outlet to accept the digital currency but also it is offering an enticing 50% discount to the customers who pay in Bitcoin. The offer is available for customers until 15th June. The fast food outlet also announces that it plans to introduce an exclusive ‘Bitcoin Sub.’

Hero Subs says that the Bitcoin Sub will be available only to customers paying with Bitcoin at all four of the company’s Melbourne locations. The local payment system from DC POS, which charges 0.5% commission to receive and store payments, provides an online terminal interface for mobile and desktop devices.

DC POS also allows merchants to choose one of four preferred wallets or Bitcoin-to-fiat processors for their convenience and helps them select to keep their funds in Bitcoin. Similarly, other payment processor CoinJar is being hired for the services. Like CoinJar, DC POS also interfaces with BitPay, Coinbase and Blockchain.


Receiving Positive Feedback from Customers

The food outlet says that since it announced that it is going to accept Bitcoin, it has received positive reactions from its customers. Its promo itself says “Spreading Love, the Brooklyn Way” and with New York-style gourmet baguette sandwiches, it is expected to reach to new customers as well. Currently, it is asking for voting for the official Bitcoin Sub.

Paying in Bitcoin, customers can buy Caribbean jerk chicken, soft shell crab, toasted almonds and smashed avocado. Nonetheless, Hero Subs will announce the winner and launch its new sandwich on Wednesday 18th June as well. Operating from a city that has become a popular destination for Bitcoiners as several other businesses have started accepting it, Hero Subs aims sky.

The city of Melbourne is home to both CoinJar and DC POS, the country’s second city also has a whopping 44 Bitcoin and litecoin-accepting businesses listed on Coinmap.org. In fact, Melbourne has the largest number of the businesses accepting the digital currency not just in the country but also in the entire region.

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