Heard “We are All Bitcoins” Yet?

Pentagon Division to Investigate Link between Bitcoin and Terrorist Funding
Pentagon Division to Investigate Link between Bitcoin and Terrorist Funding

Pentagon Division to Investigate Link between Bitcoin and Terrorist Funding

ForexMinute.com – Increasing awareness through music is not a new thing. There was a time when pop icon Late. Michael Jackson presented the world with the most inspirational songs about equality and peace. Even at present, we see many artists who present bitter truths of the society through music. Another addition to this ongoing legacy is “We are all Bitcoins” – a song dedicated to the power of economic freedom.

Purely ‘Made in China’, but with an international appeal attached, “We are all Bitcoins” is created by Zhang-Zhang and was first launched at the Bitcoin Summit, Beijing. The song talks about the economic shackles Bitcoin has broken since its launch in 2009. It mocks the corrupted behavior of the governments that has stolen the power from people, while praises Bitcoin for doing the complete opposite and allowing utmost transparency and eliminating injustice.


Interestingly, the song comes at a time when Chinese authorities are doing their best in eradicating digital currencies from its territory. Before the start of Bitcoin Summit, Beijing, the undemocratic authorities have even issued guidelines for media houses to avoid covering the entire event. On the other hand, “We are all Bitcoins” defies autocratic attitude of such governments. The music video of the song itself shows a large number of people accepting Bitcoin as an innovative method to make transactions. It shows how people are unaffected of unfair bureaucracy towards them and their choice of currency.

And not just Bitcoin, the music video also accumulates other coins that have found a huge following lately in the cryptocurrency market, such as Litecoin and Dogecoin. Zhang-Zhang wonderfully captures the troubles of increasing competition among various altcoins. The priceless message that lies here is that that all the cryptocurrencies, despite of their different technological aspects, aim at giving people the control to control their money. So they all should work collaboratively towards creating a better environment for people to use these currencies in their daily lives.

There is indeed a new world forming in upcoming years, where technology will slowly fill all the loopholes. Songs like “We are all Bitcoins” are simply the carriers – prophets like – to take this message to a wider audience. We hope there will be more innovation towards introducing Bitcoin and altcoins to a larger set of people.

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