Health Canada Approves the Country’s First Medical Marijuana Clinical Study


Health Canada Approves the Country’s First Medical Marijuana Clinical StudyThe first medical cannabis clinical study has been approved by the Health Canada, paving way for research into the efficacy of marijuana in managing various health complications.

The study will analyze how marijuana works on osteoarthritis patients against patients on placebo. Prairie Plant Systems, a licensed medical marijuana producer, will conduct the trials.

Heath Canada and the country’s medical fraternity have always been opposed to the use of medical marijuana, despite claims by patients it can be a good substitute for opiates for relieving severe pain. However, Canada’s Supreme Court ruled in 2000 that patients should be allowed to use medical marijuana against Health Canada’s wish.

Last month, Health Canada shifted most of the task of determining which patients are eligible for access to the drug to the physicians despite attempts by the Canadian Medical Association to resist the move.


The doctors have always cited lack of clear studies on side effects, efficacy and the right dosage of medical marijuana as a stumbling block to prescribing the drug to patients. The new trial will rely on vaporized marijuana instead of the dried version, which doctors say will encourage habitual smoking.

Prairie Plant Systems said that they picked arthritis patients for the study as they are the ones who use the drug the most. The study will involve various strains of medical pot, each having a different degree of THC and CBD, the plant’s most active compounds.

The recruitment of the study’s participants is expected to begin in the next few weeks.

“The research will provide prescribing physicians with the clinical data they are looking for regarding dosing,” Brent Zettl, the CEO and President of Prairie Plant Systems, told Huffington Post.

The trial has been backed by the Arthritis Society, which said it will help look at whether medical pot can be another treatment option for arthritis patients. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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