Hackers Reportedly Selling Intelligence Data for Bitcoin


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ForexMinute.com — An Interpol official recently admitted that they had discovered a few cases in which hackers were selling intelligence data in exchange of Bitcoin.

Madan H Oberoi, the director of Interpol’s cyber innovation and outreach division, claimed that they found a few hackers who were involved in selling military intelligence, evidences of ongoing trials, databases, and even the design of a nuclear plant on internet. According to his statements given to the Times of India, the hackers received the anonymous digital currency Bitcoin for their service.

Oberoi feared how their agency is finding itself incapable to tackle surging online crimes, stating that dark markets have simplified the ways through which a terrorist attack could be plotted.

“If you look at the essentials of launching a lone wolf terrorist, they are motivation, firearms, documentation, technical knowledge, secret designs and payment for the services,” he added. “When we looked at how technology is enabling these requirements, results were shocking.”

The statement appears to be a setback to Bitcoin, a disruptive payment technology, which is gaining traction in mainstream for simplifying cross border remittance services. At the same time, it is gradually becoming a tool to finance terrorism, drug empires and illegal pornography.

Among the million dark websites hidden beneath those obfuscated IPs, the law enforcement agencies have been able to sack only few. The very recent — and the mostly covered — operation is against Silk Road, which was taken down by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last year, followed by the conviction of its operator Ross Ulbricht.

The lack of proper tools to crackdown these businesses have led us to a time where even a personal email ID’s security can be compromised for only 0.45 Bitcoins.