Hacker Steals $620,000 in Dogecoin


Hacker Steals $620,000 in Dogecoin

ForexMinute.com – Mining cryptocurrencies illegally is not a new thing. A great example to justify this statement was the Android devices that were being used to mine cryptocurrencies. In other news, we also heard of internet-enabled home application devices (Set Top Box, Routers, security camera, etc.) secretly mining digital currencies.

And now, the cryptocurrency community is once again faced with such an incident, but a major one. According to a researcher duo at Dell’s Secureworks security division, there are $620,000 worth of Dogecoin that have secretly been mined from malware-infected storage devices. Their report has further said that this stack is the largest ever quantity ever mined from hacked machines.


The incident took place at Taiwanese company Synology, Inc. As per Dell’s report, the company reported its storage systems to have been acting lazily with intolerably high CPU usage. Eventually, an anonymous hacker was found to have been using the system’s power for mining Dogecoin.

Although, the researchers also noticed an important thing that only a fraction of Dogecoin were mined using Synology storage systems. It is then still unclear whether the hacker used other company’s machines or not. The research was however not about the finding the flaws in Dogecoin, but was rather focused on figuring out the loopholes inside the operating systems used by the storage hardware.

During their inspection of the devices, researchers Shear and Litke found the famous cryptocurrency mining program CPUMiner that was secretly making money for the hacker. The program was holding all the Dogecoin in a folder on the machine called “PWNED”.

Although there were many unfinished mining processes left by the time problem was located thanks to the insufficient processing power of the Synology boxes.

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