California Gets First Bitcoin ATM in Hacker Dojo, Mountain View

Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, California Gets the First Bitcoin ATM
Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, California Gets the First Bitcoin ATM

Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, California Gets the First Bitcoin ATM

California has got its first ever Bitcoin ATM which has now been installed at Hacker Dojo, a community center for hackers and thinkers, in Mountain View. The latest development in the local Bitcoin supporting community according to executive director of the Hacker Dojo, Brian Rouch, aims to spread Bitcoin awareness.

Mountain View, California is a hotspot for technology companies and techies who think out of the box and are known for their innovative ideas. Setting up Bitcoin ATM at the place is expected not just to spread awareness but also help techies get firsthand experience on how to use it. The members of Hacker Dojo showed great interest in it.

Brian Rouch of Hacker Dojo said that Bitcoin has long been discussed as a possible currency of the future, but has been criticized for its lack of accessibility for lay people. However, he hopes that with the addition of the Bitcoin ATM, more computer programmers will take a liking to the digital currency space.

Mr. Rouch also informed that the Bitcoin ATM is accessible all-day and the whole year. There is utmost security as the machine sits in the Dojo’s main lobby, protected by a security camera’s watchful eye. Though it is available for all, members of Hacker Dojo are allowed to use the facility 24/7, and guests can visit between 8AM and 10PM.


Extra Security for Customers and Government Law Compliance Made Sure

There are several features with this Bitcoin ATM that make it unique. For instance, here a user is greeted by a person, ready to answer any questions – this feature is added to answer those who have some queries related Bitcoin. Similarly, the ATM uses biometric authentication so that extra layer of security is put at the place.
The ATM operator Coinage LLC has made sure that users have their government issued

ID’s, a personal verification number when using the services. Additionally, the users must have their face scanned and palm printed before having access to the Bitcoin hardware. President of Coinage, Cary Peters admitted that it is convenient to exchange cash to Bitcoin with the ATM model.

Mr. Peters feels that the transaction with the BTC ATM is much simpler than dealing with stock markets and it’s a true two-way, cash-in, cash-out machine. All efforts have been put by Coinage LLC to comply with best practices from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the U.S Dept for greater transparency and customers’ security.

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