Greenbank Capital Inc. Takes Over Greencoin Cryptocurrency Software


Greenbank Capital Inc. Takes Over Greencoin Cryptocurrency Software – With the ongoing adaption rate of Bitcoin, altcoins are also hoping to acquire merchants from a diverse range of industries. Industries however seem a little unsure of such coins’ stability. A recent study also suggested that only 30% of the US companies at present are willing to adapt digital currencies.

Canada-based Greenbank Capital Inc. however has thought a little ahead. Not only they are planning to adapt cryptocurrencies in future, but are also paving an altogether way to do the same. The company in its recent announcement described their new subsidiary, known as Bitcoin Angel. According to the sources, this new line will enable company’s accredited investors to invest in early stage cryptocurrency projects.

Quite smartly, Greenbank Capital Inc. is striving upon introducing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to their stakeholders by using a back-gate. Following the same approach, the company has also acquired the rights of Greencoin cryptocurrency software. This new subsidiary however is in its development phase and Greenback Capital has greater plans to introduce more features and functionalities to it, as stated on public forums.

Once the development rolls ahead, the company will also attract a community – miners, investors, merchants, etc. – towards Greencoin. Quite uniquely, Greenbank Capital, which itself is listed on the Canada’s National Stock Exchange, would approach government and banking sector for accepting this home-made cryptocurrency.

The company’s CEO Mr. Danny Wettreich further elaborated: “As an identified digital cryptocurrency, I believe that Greencoin will represent a big step forward in the effort to resolve governmental concerns and users trust issues.”

Greenback Capital is likely to earn favors from government thanks to its well-established and publicly-renowned links. The company’s board members themselves are an integral part of the Canada’s banking sector. This surely will diminish the supposed distances between banks and digital currency businesses.

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