Gov. Cuomo Pressurizes State Health Department to Hasten Marijuana Availability


Gov. Cuomo Pressurizes State Health Department to Hasten Marijuana AvailabilityNew York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a letter on Wednesday to the state Health Department to speed up the process of availing medical marijuana earlier than the 18-month schedule provided for in the state medical cannabis law.

Gov. Cuomo referred to the deaths of Olivia Marie Newton, 3, and Anna Conte, 9, two epileptic kids from Buffalo area. However, his letter failed to console Anna’s mother Wendy Conte who lambasted him for being too slow.

“It is about time that he did do something,” Wendy Conte spoke to the New York Daily News. “I hope there is not another child that loses their life or another parent that is going through what we are doing right now — going through suffering before this program is up and running,” she said. “Today, instead of picking up my child from school, I picked up her ashes.”

Conte’s family actively took part in the push to have medical marijuana law approved in New York State.


Meanwhile, as Minnesota gets itself ready to usher in a new medical marijuana law soon, there are some major issues to sort out. Minnesota law bars attorneys from dealing with clients who have violated federal drug laws. However, some state attorneys disclosed that they are seeking to have the provision amended at the Supreme Court.

This would allow them to offer advisory services to new cannabis processing and distribution firms. Minnesota law allows only two cannabis manufacturers statewide, with a total of eight distribution shops. The drug is expected to being available in July 2015 to registered patients in the state. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit

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