GoCoin to merge with e-commerce loyalty and credit card processing company Ziftr


GoCoin to merge with e-commerce loyalty and credit card processing company Ziftr,

Merger with Ziftr could be the big announcement from payment platform and mobile wallet provider GoCoin. According to the sources at GoCoin the company is planning to merge with e-commerce loyalty and credit card processing company Ziftr. The reason being cited is that it will help the company effectively compete in the Bitcoin market.

In a press release the company says that the two companies i.e. GoCoin and Ziftr plan to integrate to provide a platform that offer incentives for buyers to use virtual currency. They further clarify that when users pay with a credit card or virtual currency, they will receive cash back in their Ziftr Wallet mobile wallet.

Elaborating his point GoCoin Founder and CEO Steve Beauregard said that loyalty points play a key role in a consumer’s choice of payment method, and with the ziftrCoin loyalty platform integrated into the ziftrWallet, he believes they can finally give consumers the right experience to choose digital currencies over cards at checkout.

GoCoin is the Third Largest blockchain Payment Processor

The Singapore-based Bitcoin payment processing startup and mobile wallet GoCoin currently boasts the status of third largest blockchain payment processor. The press release informs that the company hopes this new merger will enable it to challenge Coinbase and BitPay more effectively. It’s worth a mention that Coinbase and BitPay have emerged as leading payment processors.

The merger according to observers is showing a tendency in Bitcoin ecosystem where companies are trying to come together to face the challenges more effectively than ever. Even Ziftr CEO Bob Wilkins believes this merger will help further disrupt the payments market as both the companies come with their respective strengths.

The Two Companies Aim to Disrupt Twenty Trillion Dollar Global Payment Market

Nonetheless, Wilkins also believes that Ziftr has many of the necessary assets to accelerate mainstream adoption of digital currency, so merging with GoCoin and gaining access to its rapidly growing network of merchants gives them combined altcoin-friendly company the power to truly disrupt the $20 trillion global payments market.

He was quoted saying that their platform will allow merchants of all sizes to benefit from the transparency and efficiency of blockchain payments by giving them a better solution than what’s currently available.  Talking about GoCoin’s network of merchants he admitted that it grew rapidly in the fourth quarter of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015.

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