GoCoin Announces to Endorse Nxt Cryptocurrency


GoCoin Announces to Endorse Nxt Cryptocurrency

ForexMinute.com – As expected, the much talked about PayExpo conference in London brought major news for the third richest cryptocurrency Nxt as it was bagged for major endorsement by the world’s leading digital currency gateway – GoCoin. Upon the integration, Nxt will be available to be used in multiple shopping carts like PrestaShop, ZenCart, and others.

For a currency that is just months old, this come as a huge step forward. There were numerous discussions before on Nxt social networking pages, regarding the potential optimistic outcomes from the PayExpo conference. Under these speculations, Nxt prices had also risen overnight, eventually bringing its market cap to the third position, beating Darkcoin by a little margin.


And now when one of the first major footsteps has been taken by the coin, there is as a whole range of opportunities knocking at its digital doors. GoCoin, being one of the most reliable platforms for businesses that want to accept cryptocurrencies, will surely bring brownies to Nxt as it will open its market to thousands of businesses at once.

Mr. John Manglaviiti – the co-founder of Cointrpolis – also shared the same expectations from Nxt, while announcing its integration into the GoCoin. While interacting with the jam-packed house, he occasional discussed the attractive features of Nxt which makes the coin unique in its own way.

But the area that was widely discussed by the man was the comparatively cheap transaction fees Nxt charges than those traditional money transfer services. Meanwhile, John also discussed the range of services Nxt brings with itself, which includes a safe and sound wallet system, asset exchange, and minute-to-minute news feed for cryptocurrency traders. He further put light on the future ventures in which Nxt will be involved in. They include smart contracts and crowdfunding.

With much said and displayed, it is time for Nxt to meet the upcoming challenges inside the cryptocurrency market, such as to uphold its position for long, avoid too much volatility and dozen of other security concerns.

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