GoCoin Adds More Business to Cryptocurrency Economy


GoCoin Adds More Business to Cryptocurrency Economy

ForexMinute.com – Renowned and highly-accessed Bitcoin payment processing platform GoCoin recently inked a partnership deal with yet another payment processing company Apriva. Not only it is promising to be a high-point for GoCoin as an organization, but also is holding the potential to boost cryptocurrency adaption further.

The reason is simple. Apriva today holds an innumerable amount of customers within its zone, especially for its impeccable wireless payment services. Its partnership with GoCoin, which is itself a pioneer in handling payment processing systems for its clients (including the likes of eGifter and BitcoinShop), will reduce the unnecessary steps involved in luring new merchants for accepting cryptocurrencies. GoCoin CEO Steve Beauregard further stated:

“As the payments industry evolves, we want to empower merchants by giving their consumers the option to use the latest payment forms for their purchases. Our partnership will enable Apriva’s resellers and ISVs to provide their merchants the most comprehensive selection of payment options offered today.”

On the other hand, Apriva CEO Chris Spinella also supports the sentiments shared by their new partner. He openly revealed about how their customers were demanding to add cryptocurrency support in their services. “GoCoin’s technology platform is an ideal complement to the Apriva Gateway,” he added, “providing us with the ability to support current digital currencies, and emerging currencies as well.”

A partnership like this certainly proves that the distance between traditional and modern payment systems are diminishing gradually. It is nothing but the lack of hassles that is currently bringing merchants towards adapting cryptocurrencies as one of their payment methods. GoCoin, which currently offers payment processing services in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, also believes to be a catalyst in speeding such amalgamation.

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